Open Water Dive Class

This is the first step in becoming a Certified Diver.  This is the class you must take to enjoy the underwater world safely.  This class is made up of 12 hours of class work and 12 hours of pool work.  We will then make 5 open water dives in a local rock quarry.  With visibility ranging between 15 - 50ft, mix in a few fish and an old school bus and it becomes a great training site.  We try to include everything in the price of the class that you will need to become certified to scuba dive.  All books, student  equipment, pool and certification fees are included in the price of $450.00 ($100.00 credit towards new gear)  Once you have completed this course you will be an excellent and safe diver.  What you decide to do after this class is totally up to you.  Maybe it is that cruise or dive trip to the Bahamas, or maybe underwater archeology or welding.  The opportunities are endless.  This is the class you will need to start, so call us today to enroll...

North Carolina Wreck Diving

Not many folks realize that North Carolina is rated as one of the best dive destinations in the world.  It has been rated as the number one wreck dive destination in North America and number three in the world.  With a North Carolina fishing license, Spear Fishing is one of the best things to do here.  There is nothing like spearing a 50lb Cobia or a Doormat Flounder.  The wrecks in North Carolina come from many different eras.  Such as Spanish Galleons, German U Boats from WWII to Steamships carrying freight to different ports.  Many of these wrecks still relinquish nice antiques.  If you enjoy photography, then you will love the picture opportunities off North Carolina's coast.  With sometimes over 100ft of visibility on many of these wrecks, the photography is as good as being in the tropics. 

Public Safety Diving

We offer classes in Public Safety diving.  If you are interested in starting a Public Safety Dive Team in a Fire / Police Department or Rescue Squad, just give us a call.  We offer classes to support dive teams in their missions such as Dry Suit, Night, Limited Visibility and Search and Rescue Diving to name a few.  With over ten years experience in Search and Recovery, we offer courses to serve local Law Enforcement and First Responder Agencies.